CHEAPEST PRICE EVER on Skylanders Swap Force for Xbox 360, Wii U, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox ONE, or PS4

Right now you can get Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack
for the lowest price ever listed. Even cheaper than the pre-holidays sales! Skylanders: Swap Force is the 3rd installment of the series. Following the original Skylanders and Skylanders Giants. Both Skylanders and Skylanders Giants are 2 of our favorite games of all time. The whole family gets into it. We each have our own favorite characters. Collecting the characters alone is one of the best parts, but the game-play is just as incredible.

Back to this incredible deal. You can get the Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack  for only $32.50  (originally $75.00) right now. You can price match Amazon at Target or Best Buy. Currently McDonalds is carrying a $10 off Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack coupons. You can use that at Target or Best Buy, and get this incredible game for only $22.50!!!

$32.50 Amazon Sale Price

–$10.00 Coupon


$22.50 Final Price

We just got this amazing deal at Target. We bought the Wii U version, because that is our favorite console. You can get it at that price for any of the Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Packs, not just the Xbox 360 version. Let me know if you score this deal, and what you think of the game!

Baby C’s favorite character is Wash Buckler

E’s favorite character is Fire Kraken

My favorite character is Rattle Shake

See how cute and collectible they are? We only have a few so far, but I definitely see out collection growing quickly! Who is your favorite from the Skylanders Collection?



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Maxim Hygiene Products Review

Here at MOMenvy Blog, we are all about finding products that are best for our families. What about products that are better for moms? We all know that it is important to eat organically, what about organic ingredients in products we don’t eat? What products come to mind when you think of contaminates and carcinogens? Did you ever think of what is contained in your hygiene products?


Recently we started buying diapers for Baby C, that are bleach free. I don’t like the idea of chemicals being on his body all day. Imagine how much a person absorbs through their skin. And a diaper is in the most sensitive of places. I never thought of the products that I use in sensitive areas. For example, pads, tampons, and liners. Did you know that the biggest brands contain all kinds of harmful products? And we are putting these on (and in) our bodies since the time we are pre-teens.


It is time to make a change. Luckily I came across Maxim, during a Twitter Party I was paneling. Maxim makes everything with organic, bleach-free cotton. From cotton swabs and cotton balls, to tampons and pads. Maxim’s products contain 100% certified organic and natural cotton. They are chlorine free, synthetics free, wood fluff pulp free, irritant free, and they are also environmentally friendly.

maxim-hygiene review

If you are convinced yet, maybe check out what products you are using. Most likely, if you are not using Maxim products, you are using big commercial brands, that contain disgusting bleached wood fluff pulp. Why use products that aren’t natural? Cotton is safer and softer. The first thing I noticed about all of the Maxim products, was how incredibly soft they are! You can find their products on the Maxim Website. You can also find Maxim on Twitter and Facebook.


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Anyone else ready for spring? Besides Spring cleaning, I love Spring cooking! Its a great time to make fresh meals. I am always on Pinterest pinning new recipe ideas. You can make a board of your favorite Spring-themed Recipes and submit it into the Marzetti Recipe Exchange, for a chance to win $250!


Must Haves for Funko POP! Collectors: Funko POP! Display Shelf

When you start collecting POP! Figures, it seems as though you will never stop. There are so many amazing pieces, and new ones released every month. That is how I felt until recently. I haven’t purchased many lately, because well, I have run out of room. Having 2 little ones, I need to make sure that my POPs are not within their reach. This past month Cailan has opened the Red Power Ranger, Captain Hook, and Robin. He did ask first, but I just couldn’t say no. I find it beautiful, that he loves POPs as much as I do, and he wants his own collection.


Wherever you choose to put your collection, displaying it is key. Being a collector is a proud feeling. Some may not understand that feeling, but if you do, you need this. On the Awesome Toyz website, you can order an amazing Display Shelf for your POPs. It is probably one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I have my POPs all stacked on top of my desk. I know that they would be a lot happier on one of these. Its as if it is where they belong. Could you imagine your collection on one of these???



They are sold by Awesome Toyz, and ship out Monday! They are $39.99 and totally worth every penny. There are 5 rows, and it can fit a total of 12 POPs per row. You could always buy more than one for your ever-growing collection. I think this would look incredible next to my desk. If I had one of these of these, I could continue my collection. Keep on collecting!


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A Trip to the Zoo


Last week E had a class trip to the zoo. We decided it was a great day to take Baby C to the zoo as well. This zoo is way bigger than the one we had back where we are from. We didn’t think we would end to running into E and her class, but we did! Baby C could not believe his big sis was at the zoo without us. When E and her class had to leave, Baby C had a hard time letting his big sis go. Luckily we were able to get his mind off of her by taking him to see some if the sites. After the gorilla made a huge impression on Baby C, he had his picture taken with the statue of a baby gorilla. They are both too cute!

Has Spring Sprung?

Since being little, I have always loved Winter. I must say by the middle of February, I am usually sick of my favorite season. When March comes, I expect the snow to be gone. In Wisconsin, you can almost never trust Mother Nature. It has been day after day of snow, and I don’t think there is a person (or animal) left in Wisconsin, that isn’t ready for Spring.

Today we finally got some relief. It was actually above 40 degrees for the first time in a long time. Baby C and I walk to get E from the bus stop every afternoon. Lately we have had to send Matty instead, because it has been so cold, it actually hurts. Luckily today we were able to enjoy our walk. After we picked E up, we decided to spend a while longer outdoors. We went exploring all over the area. There was snow melting every where. Baby C brought his Jake and the Never Land Pirates Sword in case we ran into pirates.



The imagination my kids have is just incredible. I really wish it was possible to bring that with into adulthood. When we wandered behind the garage area, we found footprint that E claimed belong to Big Foot. Baby C will not go anywhere near the woods. They are so silly. We found a ton of melting snow, that made little stream and ponds of running water. It was a ton of fun, and I cannot wait for it to stay warm out, so we can make outdoor adventures everyday!



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E’s Birthday Party

In my previous post, I wrote about how hard it was to accept that E is turning 7. Now that she is in fact 7, it is actually not that hard to grasp. Just the way she acts, so mature, such a big girl. Her reading skills are incredible. She surprises me every day with everything she does. Even though it is hard to believe that they tiny little brown-eyed baby I held not that long ago, is now 7, she sure reminds me every second that she is ready to be seven.


Every mom has trouble accepting that their babies are growing up. It is not a bad thing. It just shows how involved we are. Whether it is your son turning 30, your puppy turning 11, or your daughter turning 7, it is all so bittersweet. Where does the time go? When I really sit and think about it, I can remember where all these years went. Every moment, I have spent as a mom, is forever etched in my brain, and packed full of incredible moments and milestones.

I can remember the first moment I laid eyes on E, she was staring at me so contently, she knew I was her mom, and that I was going to take care of her forever. I remember when she signed her first word (milk), when spoke her first word, when she took her first step, the first time she tied her shoes, her first day of school. The 7 years may have flown by, but when they flew, they left so many amazing moments behind.

It is so true that you never understand how much your parents loved you, until you become one yourself. How this little person (or furbaby) can come into your life in an instant, and become your whole world. ………… I digress…………. Wasn’t I going to talk about E’s Party? And of course I just end up all emotional. Back to the party:


E’s party started out as being a pizza party at a restaurant, until she wanted a party at home, because she wanted decorations everywhere. She requested a Jungle Theme, with a coconut cake. After a trip to Party City, the Dollar Tree, and Walmart 3 times, we were able to concoct a Jungle Themed Party. I waited until E got home from school, so that she could help put up the decor. It turned out to be a Jungle Wonderland when we were done. With Zebra striped streamers, tiger striped balloons, Jungle Animal Pictures hanging from the ceiling, it really came together. She chose green and brown as her “Birthday Colors”, and after a trip to 3 different stores, I realized brown was not a popular plate or flatware color, we stuck with green.

At Party City, Baby C picked out the balloons and pinata. No E birthday party would be complete without a pinata, so we kept it as a surprise. We filled the pinata with raisins, gummy snacks, and toys. I wanted to keep it candy-free, but still an exciting pinata. Because it was candy-free, the kids were crazy over the raisins :) When Matty pulled the pinata out of the closet, E had a look on her face similar to the ones of those who win cars on The Price is Right. E was E-cstatic!

Matty granted E’s wish of Chinese Food at her Jungle Party, while I came through with the Coconut Cake. The food and cake were incredible. The cake was a coconut pudding cake, filled with peach-mango marmalade, it made my taste-buds dance! Matty made two kinds of stir-fry, while his mother provided the most amazing egg rolls I have ever eaten. The food was all a huge hit. The birthday girl was happy.


Baby C loved his sister’s party as much as she did. I am pretty sure he hoped the party would be a daily thing from now on. He is still playing with the balloons every waking moment, and the decorations all almost all up still. I think I will save them for the next Jungle Party :) By the end of the party, Baby C was pooped……..

photo (3)

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E’s 7th Birthday

On the first of March, E will be 7 years old….. SEVEN! How do they grow up so fast? I know it is cliche to say that it felt like just yesterday she was a little baby. Her first birthday came and went, then the second…. now the seventh. I asked E what she would like to do for her birthday, and she said she wanted to go out to for Chinese food, and for the whole family to come. Every year we have held a party at the house, but this year she wants to go out to eat.


With the stress of moving quite a ways from my side of the family, I was to make sure her birthday is extra special. Matty found a really neat restaurant that has food and games. The restaurant serves Chinese food, and just about anything else you can think of. It is also Birthday Party friendly. We are going to invite all of our relatives, as well as some of her new school friends. It will be a very special extravaganza! Do you have any birthdays coming up? How do you celebrate?

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