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As a Blogger, my computer is so important to me. It contains so much significant information, I couldn’t imagine it getting sick. I take my dear laptop with me everywhere. I would not be able to accomplish anything without it. As a mother, my computer is also important. Do you have any idea how many irreplaceable baby pictures are on my laptop? Of course I backup my photos with online storage, but it would still be devastating if my computer ever crashed.

It is important to take strategic actions to avoid computer problems. For example, I bet you use a Virus scanner/blocker of some sort? Sadly it is not safe to surf the web without proper protection. I have seen the poignant efforts of poor Matty trying to save his precious Mac when the screen went black for good. I couldn’t imagine having to go through the loss of another computer. So I make sure to work proactively towards keeping my laptop in good condition.

I do my best to keep Baby C’s sticky fingers off the screen, and Simon’s drool off the keyboard, but what about the inside? A great way to ensure your computer’s internal health, is to download PC HealthBoost. It will not only help  with problems in the future, it can also fix problems that your computer currently suffers from! My BIGGEST computer pet peave is a slow start-up. Guess what helps with that? Yep! PC HealthBoost does! My computer starts up just like the first day I got it, now that I have downloaded PC HealthBoost!

What is another annoying computer ailment? How about error messages? Those really bug me! Well PC HealthBoost eliminates those as well!  PC HealthBoost helps with your overall computer performance, not just start up delays. The program is easy to understand, as well as easy to use, which is very important to me. They also have 24/7 Customer Support, another big plus! The only complaint I have is that I didn’t find this sooner! It is easy to download, easy to get started, and easy to get your computer running like it used to.

Be sure that your computer meets the System Requirements:

PC HealthBoost™ operates best with the following minimum system specifications:

Microsoft Windows ®
PC HealthBoost™ is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP Pro (& Home) 32 & 64 Bit

• Internet Access (To Register)
•1024 MB of RAM 
•10 MB of hard drive space

•Internet Access (For Updates) 
•2048 MB of RAM 
•50 MB of hard drive space.

Be sure to give PC HealthBoost a Like on Facebook, and a Follow on Twitter, to stay in touch, and show your support! When you download PC HealthBoost, be sure to come back here, and let me know what a difference it has made! I am a fan for life, and you will be too!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, however that did not effect my opinion in any way. The opinions expressed above are 100% my own, as per FTC Guidelines. 

44 thoughts on “PC HealthBoost Review: Restore the Health of Your Computer

  1. I’m a Mac girl, but my mom uses a PC and always has problems. I’ve been looking for something to help her out. I love that they offer 24/7 support. That’s a big selling point with my parents, so I’ll pass this along to them. Thanks!

  2. I’ve been considering using PC Health Boost but had not quite made my final decision. I’ve been having some problems with slow start up so I’m glad to see that it helped you. Good to hear it from someone who used the product.

  3. This sounds like a great tool in protecting computers! I’m very sensitive about this issue as I lost my daughter’s first dance recital video due to a crashed computer. I really love that they offer 24/7 support!

  4. My PC def. needs some help! Lately is has been acting up I don’t know if its the computer or my mouse. For some reason it double clicks stuff and opens up multiple tabs. As someone who does a lot of work on the computer this can get annoying lol.
    I will def. be checking into PC Health Boost

  5. I do try my best to keep the old girl running smoothly. I too live closely with my computer, it comes with me where I go AND I gave it a name. :-) Thanks for the review, I haven’t heard of PC Health Booth so I am going to check them out now.

  6. My computer shuts down and restarts itself honestly every 20 minutes or more!!! I also get an error that says my display driver crashes. I will get a hold of PCHealth Boost and see of they can help me out! Thanks (I am going crazy over here – lol)

  7. I definitely need this. It is such a major emergency at home when the computer breaks down. I have two boys who download a gazillion stuff from the internet and who knows what comes with it. Thank you for making me aware of this great product!

  8. i was in this situation 4 year ago when my computer got crashed and and died. all the stuffs i save in it just gone. This tool is very help for everyone who uses computer everyday.

  9. Thanks for this information. I’m a Mac girl, but my computer does slow down. For those who use their computers lots of places, like me, be sure to clear out saved wifi access now and then. I had so many wifi addresses saved on my computer, that it struggled to find our home account. I cleared those out and my computer sped up instantly!

    • Karen, That’s a great idea and also very true. I should do that on my MacAir. I work from 2 Macs and 1 Windows computer. I have to be able to work on both systems. Did you know that our Free Startup Boost is for Mac, too? It will help you with speeding up times from programs that automatically start up as soon as you turn on your computer.

    • Christy, I’m totally right there with you on that. Who has time for that when you are running like a million other tasks, right? I know how to do most functions on both of my computers, but I’d rather pay for the service at this point so that I can do things that are more profitable for my business.

  10. I hate how within the first year, every computer we’ve had starts to have issues (e.g. running slower, freezing for no reason). I hate loading a bunch of software on it hoping one of them will cure all the problems. I’m glad to find just one that comes with a good recommendation. Thanks!

  11. I am happy you found a product that works to your expectations! No one likes the “screen of death” on their computer.

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  13. I’ve used PC HealthBoost, and I have to say that I give it an overall positive review too. It really helped me clean up my PC, and I got my husband to try it too. I also found that their blog (yes, they have one :) is a great resource when I have computer/software related questions.

    • Meridith,
      I also frequent their blog! I was having issues with Windows 8 and found some great info there! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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