Housework: Likes and Dislikes


What are your tricks to getting housework done? I used to blast some Spice Girls and power through on my days off. And long before I had C-Baby, I used to drink an energy drink and scrub all the floors (not the healthiest idea, please do not try). Now I just try to get done what I can when C is occupied. C doesn’t like when Mommy cleans lol. I love the feeling after cleaning the house, totally accomplished. After high school, I was a housekeeper for a while, I loved it! All that cleaning felt great!


Do you give the kids chores? I feel like E is still to your for chores, except for little things here and there. Like it is E’s responsibility to feed her fish, pick up her room, and occasionally water the pups. When I was younger, I was never very good at chores. My dad never made me clean, and my mother had a hard time getting us kids to help. I feel guilty, because now I know how she felt. It is hard to get everything done! But as moms, we do our best!

What is your LEAST favorite chore? I HATE dishes! Yes, hate is a strong word…. especially when typed in Caps Lock, but its true. Dirty dishes are my arch nemesis. I rather scrub every inch of the floors with a tooth brush, than do dishes. Remember that sense of accomplishment I spoke about? Well with dishes that never lasts. Even when you have washed every dish, someone will be in the middle of dirtying some more lol. Its a never ending dirty dish cycle. I think the dishes breed when we are sleeping…..


Which room in your house gets dirty the fastest? For our household, its the kitchen. Between the never ending stream of dishes, C-Baby’s fascination with pulling everything out of the cupboards, or Chupy’s garbage obsession (inspiring a post to come this week), but the kitchen always gets messy the fastest. A pet-peeve of mine is things on the counter. I don’t like a cluttered counter. I am no neat-freak, but counters get to me! I feel that counters should be clear and organized. Unfortunately, they are also the most common place for everything to get set down on. Also the most common place for things to spill.

Do you clean certain parts of the house on specified days of the week? I usually just wing it, if it needs to be cleaned, I will get to it as soon as humanly possible. Unless its laundry. I swear that our next house with have a main floor laundry area! It is a pain, to put the baby in the play pen, find someone to watch him, gather the laundry, go to the basement, switch and fold laundry, while shouting upstairs “keep an eye on the baby!” One day, I will have a nice, organized, convenient laundry area!  I also hope to make my own laundry soap, but that’s a post for another day….. Off to do some dishes, lol

9 thoughts on “Housework: Likes and Dislikes

  1. Our’s is the kitchen as well, with little kids it is hard to keep it clean when the pots and pans are great drums, lol. I too listen to music, dance like crazy and clean. It gets my workout and house clean all at once. It does not last though, lol.

  2. I just finished doing the dishes. I had been putting them off, but couldn’t hold off anymore! I hate doing them, too!

  3. We just started with chores this year. my kids are 7 and 10 so plenty old enough. My 10 year old has dishes twice a week and a load of laundry, along with keeping her room tidy. The 7 year old has to keep the litter box clean, he “helps” with bathroom clean up-most times I have to do it again , but he loves to scrub the tub and toilet–so I tell him GO FOR IT. He also has to keep his room neat. I’m not the worlds best cleaner–but I like the main bathroom, Kitchen and family room to be nice because that’s what guest will see. DOn’t have a real schedule–just get it done =)

  4. I’m not as fussy as I used to be. I get to it when I get to it. That’s it. Like you I cannot stand my counter tops cluttered. I came down this morning to bowls, bottles, cups all over the place. Dear Richard, please learn to put things in the dishwasher. Ugh.

  5. I love to listen to Spice Girls and clean too! I also just wing it as I go. With my work schedule, things are always so chaotic. I have this homemaker’s book from the early 1970s that was supposed to be a guide for new brides. They had a list of chores that you were supposed to do every day, and there were like 10 things each day including stuff like, “Monday: Deep clean underneath the stove”. HA!!! I always think it would be nice to have a specific chore for specific days, but not at this point in my life. Too many last minute work projects eating up all my time to be saying, “Oh gee it’s Tuesday! Time to clean the grout under the fridge!” LOL!

  6. I try to go all OCD Fanatical cleaning frenzy at least once a week. I do not have small children anymore, but I do have pets… and 2,100 square feet of HARDWOOD FLOORS!!! uuugggghhh I can see EVERY cat hair and it drives me INSANE. Luckily my teen does all of the dishes and laundry as her way of “earning” her iPhone. Talk about a win-win.

    When the girls were little though I was a MAJOR FlyLady follower. I LOVE her system.

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